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Let's get funny -online course


I'm proud to present my first online course in English for improving your humor and learning to laugh more

Join me to see how you can have more fun in everyday communication, at work and with your friends and family

Debbie Iancu-Haddad, 054-6400043

About this course

A fun and funny look at how humor works and how it can work for you
By the numbers
·         Lectures: 24
·         Video: 1 hour
·         Skill level: Beginner Level
·         Languages: English
·         Lifetime access
·         Available on iOS and Android
·         Certificate of Completion

Do you want to be funnier? To tell jokes that get people laughing and become the life of the party? See the funny side of life and laugh more at life's challenges? 
Well now you can!
Join me as we visit the funny side of life. This course will include a lot of in depth information about how humor works and how you can make it work for you. 
This course includes a lot of fun videos, funny jokes, me making funny faces, some pretty bad juggling, a real life look at humor at home featuring my real life kids! and the weirdest accent you have ever heard (I promise you I have been speaking English very successfully for years.. I have no idea what is going on here). But in case you got lost in my pronunciation - I've included a cool PDF file with all the course material and some colorful pictures. 
So are you ready to have fun? Let's go. 

What are the requirements?
·         No previous knowledge required. Put on some comfy pants, make some popcorn and get ready to learn.

What am I going to get from this course?
·         Use humor with confidence
·         Laugh at life's challenges
·         See the humor in difficult situations
·         Know when to use humor and when to avoid it
·         Tell a joke well
·         Laugh about yourself more
·         Have fun
What is the target audience?
·         People who would like to improve their humor in everyday life
·         People who speak in front of audiences
·         People who want to succeed at telling jokes !
·         People who feel they don't laugh enough
·         Teachers, lecturers and instructors
·         You


Debbie Iancu
Humor researcher, laughter Yoga Teacher, Lecturer
My name is Debbie Iancu-Haddad, I'm a mother of two darling children, a lecturer on humor and a laughter yoga teacher.
In the past ten years I've given over 1000  lectures and laugh sessions to a wide variety of clients – I've worked with hospitals, high-tech companies, government agencies and private groups. I also volunteer workshops with senior citizens, special interest groups and kids.  You are never too old, too young or too busy to laugh. 
It's never too late to get your humor going. So start today. 
My goal is to spread humor in the world. I love working with teachers and helping others get more humor and laughter into their life. 
I have a Master's degree in Anthropology - Ben-Gurion University. My thesis focuses on diet humor and women's studies.
My thesis: COOKIE PIECES HAVE NO CALORIES:… DIET HUMOR AS RESISTANCE TO DIET CULTURE. (2003). Department of Anthropology, Ben-Gurion University. 
BA in Communications and sociology-Anthropology - Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Click on the above link to go to the UDEMY website and start the course

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